Evangelism Consulting for Today's Reality
Welcome! I'm Michael.


I’m Michael.

I consult with churches, ministries, and non-profits, teaching and helping them to have the capability and flexibility to evangelize to the world today. With the growing popularity and accessibility of social media, churches today have a unique opportunity to reach more for Christ than in the entirety of history….

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I can help your church or ministry with:

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy and branding are the key starting components to your church’s outreach. This is how you convey who you are as a church and why you exist.  Without the who and why, everything else is useless.

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Today, SEO (search engine optimization) can make the difference in your audience finding your church or not.  Today, the search engine is the first place most people go to find church (or anything for that matter).

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Social Media

Gone are the days of broadcast marketing.  Today, people want a personal relationship with you and the people in your church.  We can help you connect safely and create authentic relationships which can lead to growth.

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Website Design

In addition to social media, an effective website is crucial to your church outreach plan.  A website will give you a “home base” that will connect all of the pieces of your online ministry to your “real world” ministry.

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